Hali Lake Interstellar

HL Interstellar supports the quest of discovering lost treasures the universe over by delivering premiere Info-Agent services before, during and after your sail.

Omnibus Idem


HL Interstellar was founded in 2942 by two former UEE data analysts and a UEE Marine to provide info-agent services while maintaining absolute discretion for both buyer and seller. Designed as an escrow capable platform with which to gather information and seek out lost treasures the universe over, HL Interstellar was one of the first ‘Info-runner’ agencies to offer services specifically for the acquisition and re-appropriation of stolen or lost goods as well as citizens. Today we are a leader in the industry and continue to innovate best practice programs in the areas of personnel as well as data recovery within non-permissive environments. HL Interstellar always affords the highest levels of discretion for both buyer and seller as well as third party collaborative service providers who may task support operations along side our direct action teams.

Though a younger company than most in our industry, HL Interstellar collectively brings 18 years of experience as experts in our respective backgrounds. A unique “behind the curtain” training background within the UEE allows us to react more rapidly to changing client demands than our competitors.



Lost Treasure, Found.

Here at HL Interstellar we believe knowledge will always hold power. We’ve built our data acquisition and delivery programs around a rapid deployment capability while remaining clandestine operations capable. A “double blind” escrow like operations system allows us to keep buyers and seller anonymous while controlling the data in the middle to maintain no risk to either buyer or seller during transaction. Clients are never left guessing what they are paying for, no matter if the goods are to be reclaimed following a loss or discovered from newly acquired information. HL Interstellar provides the support and infrastructure needed to execute your request to successful completion in nearly all information transaction opportunities.

Confidence is Key.

Trained to excel at the highest levels of accountability, we are the best at what we do. Quality of character is the reason our clients return time and time again when in need of discreet data transaction support. Whether you are seeking assistance with a single delivery or support for a long term program, HL Interstellar can provide solutions tailored specifically to your budget and operational requirements.

Partners in Profit.

Without the essential information or assets available, any sail no matter the funding level will not be successful. HL Interstellar is your best partner in the data delivery and acquisition industry. In a universe where you are often met with a “hands off” approach, HL Interstellar remains involved in our client’s operational needs through the sail and beyond. A partner is there for you when you need them, not only when it’s convenient. Operating under Total Opportunity Planning, TOP mission direction affords our clients a selection of profit opportunities for their transaction. However, should a unique situation arise where profit cannot be initially verified, we will make every effort to respect our clients requests, and provide real time mission updates as well as new profit solutions should the original objective become intangible.

Efficient and Effective.

To ensure mission completion and the availability of critical assets to unique client requests, HL Interstellar limits concurrent work load at all times. This is not meant as an exclusionary limitation to inquiring new clients, but rather a guarantee that when we accept your request it will be met with our maximum capability and precise attention to detail.



HL Interstellar will always hold client privacy and assurance of deliverable goods & information as our paramount concern. Therefore company guidelines and operational procedures are available to current clients and HL Interstellar ‘BIO’ members, exclusively.

If you are interested in joining the HL Interstellar family or are curious about how we provide for you as a data logistics partner, please contact us directly.


Please inquire to learn why HLI will be your best partner in the search for lost treasure.